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Going to the 2006 Kettenburg Regatta

You could call the entire trip something like "adventures with Steve". PCC #1 owner Neil Atwood accompanied me to San Diego from Wilmington. My former neighbor, Bob Pond, accompanied me on the return trip. People think we are brothers we look so much alike. Bob doesn’t like the insult.

Here’s what happened: Neil and I ran out of wind an hour out of Avalon on the way to San Diego; so on goes the motor for the balance of the trip to Avalon. She ran like a sewing machine. A Graymarine 112 that had been installed in 1986. The next morning we take off for San Diego under power, there being no wind. As we leave the Avalon harbor the Gray loses power and develops a noticeable miss. My years with engines tell me “valve problem, no worry, probably burned it. The motor had been sitting for 15 years in the slip without any attention to the engine. So we proceed with one cylinder down.

So, coming back from San Diego, Bob and I leave at 7am, completely forgetting an appointment I’d made to have breakfast with Rish Pavelec at the same time. We tacked out of the San Diego harbor in a very strong wind coming down the channel. We turned right and headed for Avalon at 9am. At 1:30 pm we ran out of wind, cranked up the 4 cylinder engine running on three and proceeded to motor to Avalon arriving at 11. But, lo!, about an hour out of Avalon the engine quits. Dirt in the fuel pump stops her cold. So we siphon fuel to feed the carb. Next day at mid channel between Avalon and Los Angeles harbor, same problem, only this time it was the fuel filter clogging. Finally the wind picks up and we make about 12 miles in 90 minutes!! Believe it! What a ride!!! We reached all the way up the channel until we ran out of wind. ‘With no motor we hitched a ride with a passing sailboat, but his outboard motor promptly quit. So we are two boats lashed together in the middle of the channel. Guess who happens upon this scene. The first thing they ask: “have you been drinking?”

Since the Coasties cannot help us, vessel assist is an hour away I drop the dingy and my 1.5 hp Seagull over the side, connect a rope to the bow and begin pulling both boats!!! The coasties eventually took pity on us and towed us the rest of the way to the slip!

Steve Barber in the galley of K-38
DYAD II with Neil Atwood at the helm

Steve Barber at the helm of K-38 DYAD II
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of the 2006 Regatta

Jack Sutphen anticipating his last race at the helm of his PC upon the
occasion of the Kettenburg Regatta 2006

Steve Barber, Neil Atwood, and Bill Kettenburg during an extensive
interview about the history of Kettenburg Boatworks.

Steve Barber and Bill Kettenburg examining K-38 DYAD II

Steve Barber and Jack Sutphen talking over Jack's experiences with PCs and Dennis Conner for whom he was a coach and mentor

Dennis Conner in his element
RAY, PCC, hull number #2 sailing in 1946. RAY at 44'10" was the first PCC hull built. This picture was taken before George Kettenburg Jr. changed the design at Joe Jessop's suggestion to build a longer boat. This picture was also taken before EULALIE at 46'4", hull #1 was launched, and RAY's sail number changed to #2.
NEREYO (ex-RAY), PCC, hull #2 picture taken in Acapulco, Mexico by Paul Kettenburg in 1985.

EULALIE, PCC, hull #1 at her original lauching in May 1946.

EULALIE, PCC, hull #1 sailing in approximately 1946.


After 4 months and 40K (budgeted but not yet spent....ha ha, the K-40 that took 40K !!!)
the Antares did what she was designed to do besides float...she sailed. Sorry, I don't
have an action shot for you. Went out briefly w/ Fred Huffman and Oliver McCann
(from UK Halsey sails) We've finished the boat off so it's now a sailing project
instead of a floating project.

LARK, PCC hull #16 owned by Jean Alexander

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