Doug Shumpert and his crew pose for a photo in their spacious and well appointed Ventura shop.

Our West Coast schools for wooden boatwrights ought to really dig up the scholarships needed to provide for students to study/apprentice with the Doug Shumperts and Wayne Ettells of the world

5000 sq. ft. indoors !  Yet, Shumpert’s shop rates are below those one finds in less well appointed and less experienced facilities elsewhere in the major harbors of the state.

Doug Shumpert seems to have the “do it right the first time”, “measure three time, cut once” attitude one expects in a skilled Boatwright.

Renovation/restoration/repair projects enjoy the services of 5000 sq. ft. of indoor space and 5000 sp. Ft. of outdoor yard.  Projects kept outside are usually fully covered and kept wet to reduce shrinkage.

The Oliver bandsaw in this photo cut through a 12” think plank of purpleheart without even getting the blade warm!!  One wonders whether the stuff we get from China today can compete with this 1947, US made machine.

The lifetime collection of tools one finds in Shumpert’s shop offers a very definitive, non-verbal statement about the skills of the hands which have given them lots of use.

Doug Shumpert consults with his staffer

Doug is a 35 year veteran shipwright who specializes in wooden boat restoration, repair, renovation.  His business is known as Ventura Historic Ships.  Doug’s history and experience were featured in the 2004 issue of WoodenBoat magazine.  He has also been written up in the Los Angeles Times.