Story of the Kettenburg: Eileen D

Ron Glaze son of Captain Raymond A. Glaze
I fished with my Dad, Ray Glaze while I was in high school during 1958-62… my summer job. We had the Kettenburg Eileen D, a ten-ton bait boat, but dad and I also jigged it (long line) one year by ourselves. The boat was purchased from Mr. Frank De Silva who I think was the original owner and bought the boat from the Kettenburg Boat Works in San Diego. Frank’s daughter was Eileen, therefore the name Eileen D. My father owned the boat from about 1952 to 1967 when he sold it to Joe Ray a frequent crew member and friend of my father.
When my dad had the boat it was berthed at Pier 1 right next to the Kettenburg dry dock in Point Loma. He sold most all his albacore to Starkist cannery in San Diego. The price for a ton of tuna varied greatly during the time I fished, ($750-to about $250/ton I recall).
I had some great times on that boat. I remember unloading a fresh "deck load" in Avila Beach. At that time Avila had a small fish receiver operation. It was about that time I watched them bring in by barge the huge reactors for building the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. When he fished the Eileen D as a bait boat we would carry thousands of anchovies in the bait tank and I would be the "chummer". The crew of 2 or 3 then would pitch on tuna from steel "racks" that would be attached to the stern. The crew would use bamboo poles with steel leaders attached to a feather jig or to a baited hook. The actual fishing was the most exciting time… some of these "stops" we could catch 3 or more ton of fish at one time before we would stop and put some down in the "hold".
In about 1967 Dad sold the Eileen D to friend Joe Ray. One late evening (1967?) the Eileen D sank off San Nicholas Is. My Dad told me the reason it sank was a "busted" main intake saltwater line in the engine room, the crew were in the bunks, as the engine room flooded the boat went down. Joe Ray and all the crew awoke and were rescued.
Ron Glaze
Monterey, Ca
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