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K-43 article
2010 Kettenburg Regatta Results
Aluminum Kettenburg?
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K-41 Original Owner Remembers
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BUILDING KETTENBURGS, the book is here !!!
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History of JANLEY
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misplaced 2006 regatta photos
2008 One More Time Regatta Sponsored by xxxxx
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Kettenburg Print ads from "Sea and Pacific Motorboat" magazine 1952
Jack Sutphen at the Spaulding Wood Boat Center, 2006
Sweet Sixteen Pictures and Story
"PCC Owners Newsletter #2"
"PCC Owners Newsletter #1"
"KETTENBURG" carved in redwood log
DUPONTís Dacron and Kettenburg
Dick Hershey Perpetual Trophy San Diego PCC Fleet Championship 1948-1953
PCC National Championship Perpetual Trophy Race Record 1948-1996
Constitution and By-Laws of the Pacific Cruising Class Yacht Racing Association
Graymarine / Teledyne spec. sheet, date unknown
Graymarine spec. sheet and price list, 1968
Pacific Cruising Class Yacht Racing Association
Executive Committee and Fleet Roster
Fishing Boat Memoire
THEA MARIE, still fishing all these years
RECALLING SOUTHWIND (WB6348), by Mike McCorkle
New Mill Pleases "Southwind's" Skipper
The Famous Kettenburg Albacore Boats
The Fishing Boat Fleet
Original Purchase Order for PCC #25
Sales Literature for PCC
Remembering SELENE (PCC #3) and UNDINE (PCC #25)
Paul Kettenburg Obituary, San Diego Union Tribune
Kettenburg Transpac Race Results 1949 -1971
Swiftsure Lightship Classic Race: Kettenburg Race Results 1949-1968
The New K-47 Kettenburg Motorsailer, ad from June 1959
The K-41 HULL...strongest and smoothest in the industry, ad from June 1966
The 41' Kettenburg-Designed K-41, ad from June 1966
The Kettenburg PCC Class, ad from December 1951
Kettenburg Book Being Written
Why Buy a Classic Yacht
Aluminum K-43
SDYC PC Fleet website
Kettenburg PCC Transpac (Honolulu) Race Record
Remembering PC#77
Kettenburg Marine, by Erynn Ruth, the granddaughter of George Kettenburg.
PCC Race Records Updated:
Some K-50 History
PCs and the 2004 Kettenburg Regatta
Wings Taking Flight, from SDMM 2003 Annual Report
Maritime Heritage on Parade During Kettenburg Regatta, The Log May 30-June 12, 2003
K-40 ad, July 1960
What Can This Web Site Do???
Traditional Yachting in the Modern Manner K-40 brochure
K-43 Sloop Version of the K-50 brochure
Rish Digs Deep into PC Mystery!
K-40 Hull#28 commissioning papers
Original K-40 brochure
Original K-41 ad, layout and specs
Re-launching of Wings
Perpetual PC Trophy
Seagull Maintenance and Repair
Notes about PC#83
Paul Kettenburg Interview
January 3-4, 2002
The Kettenburg Story....
Original K40 brochure
What is Your Boat Worth?
by Richard S. "Rish" Pavelec, Feb. 2001
San Diego Yacht Club MAINSHEET
PC article, Nov. 2000
Life with Shadowfax my K-38
Kettenburg P.C.'s & Bear Boats in
Annual S.F.Y.C. Regatta, 1940
January 1, 2000 Mainsheet PC Article
K-43 press release
K-43 announced in Sea and Pacific Motor Yacht
1987 Article revisits K-43
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Interview with Paul Kettenburg
Conversations with Paul Kettenburg
THE LOG - stories, memories, reports, and more about sailing our Kettenburgs
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Master Mariners 1999
The Kettenburg 38
The "Reward" of Owning a K-38 Sloop
Sweet Sixteen Background Info.
Kettenburg featured in '94 WoodenBoat


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