The Renovation of DYAD II
Part 3
Posted: May 9, 2005

In photo #11 in part 2 of the DYAD II renovation series we were wondering what to do about connecting the floors to the scarfed ribs and sisters. We pondered the topic and came up with a lot of ideas. It was surveyor Jim Wallace who suggested that we build oak "bridges" between the restored ribs and fasten these "bridges" to the floors.. So, that idea seems the most elegant under the circumstances.

1. Looking aft from the head you can see the �bridges� Keith Smith, our Boatwright, fabricated out of white oak and installed to enable the renovated ribs and sisters to reconnect to the floors. The original thru-bolts fastening the ribs to the floors had rusted away long ago. Kettenburg used galvanized bolts for the original installation. There was no integrity to these fasteners remaining. We could not fit right angle drill between the sisters on one floor and the adjacent floor in order to drill new holes to accept new thru-bolts.
2. This photo shows a close up view of the installation. We used Smith�s penetrating epoxy sealer on the floors to extend their life. The bronze all thread fastening the floors to the keelson appear to be in good shape. If they aren�t, then we can simply bore a hole in the "bridge" and drift in new all-thread into a pilot hole in the keelson, which is how the originals were installed. This approach differs significantly from what we did on BANANAS to connect the new floors to the keelson.

3. This photo shows a close up view into the deepest part of the bilge. The original fuel tank can sit in its original position. However, we will be using a fuel bladder instead.

4. Here is Keith inspecting his handywork.