DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this section of the webpage is manifold: to help Kettenburg boats find owners who can sustain them in the manner to which they are deserving; to help current owners obtain a sense of the marketplace, to help prospective owners locate and connect with a deserving boat, and to help current owners who need to end their relationship with their boat.

This webpage and this section of the webpage is NOT a professional/commercial brokerage. Boats listed herein are submitted by sellers and accumulated from a variety of boat publications, other periodicals, and word of mouth. In order to establish and sustain marketplace knowledge we will not remove a boat once we learn that it has been sold. Rather, we will mark it "sold". At some future date, after our data and experience with this section has increased it is quite probable that we will develop a more comprehensive means of listing, recording, and retaining the data about such transactions. For now (as of 09/09/99) we will just list 'em, where we found 'em, and note it when we learn it sold. We cannot/will not be liable for mistakes, errors etc.

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