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 The 2007 Ray Wallace Iron Man Race and Annual Dinner

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12:00 p.m. Saturday, November 10, 2007

 Please see attached flyer for all race and dinner details.

 Contact Chris Frost, (626) 437-5806, with any questions.

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Future of San Diego Boating in Jeopardy

By Michael C. Burgess
Bureau Chief

The future of recreational boating in San Diego hangs in the balance as the last opportunity to comment on San Diego Unified Port District's plans for America's Cup Harbor passes.

Against the recommendations of two Port District-sponsored studies into small-boat yard capacity in San Diego Bay, the Port commissioners unanimously voted to change the use of South Bay Boat Yard. Now the Driscoll boatyard faces jeopardy as its Kettenburg site is slated for redevelopment even though Driscoll's relocation to a smaller plot near Convair Lagoon may yet fall through.

According to Bill Roberts, whose rival boatyard business is situated on Shelter Island, the loss of Driscoll's from Kettenburg will hit hard at the interests of all San Diego's boat users and those whose livelihoods are connected to the marine economy.

"There's going to be a ten-week waiting list for a haul-out for a brokerage deal, and that's going to harm the brokers and everybody," Roberts said. "So it's a competitor of mine. So what? I care about the long-term effect on the marine economy."

According to Ralph Hicks, the Port District's director of land use, Port District staff had recommended to the Port commissioners they should give Driscoll's a short-term exclusive negotiating right to determine the feasibility of a small-boat yard on a much smaller site off Harbor Drive.

But the 3.3-acre Harbor Drive site, currently occupied by National Car Rentals, is very close to Convair Lagoon. If it becomes a boatyard, disturbance of the double sand caps beneath its entry channel would risk uncovering large dumps of highly toxic Polychlorinated Biphenyls, known as PCBs.

Roberts dismissed the Harbor Drive boatyard site as a smokescreen so the Port District could say a new boatyard was in the works. "The Environmental Health Coalition and the Audubon Society have gone on record saying that when hell freezes over, they'll get to use that for a boatyard," he said.

At a board meeting on Aug. 21, the Port commissioners rejected its staff's recommendation and commissioned an environmental constraints analysis to report in 90 days on the suitability of the site for either a small-boat yard or a megayacht facility.

However, the boating public has only 45 days (until Oct. 9) to respond to the America's Cup environmental impact report, after which time decisions such as the closure of Kettenburg will be in the hands of the Port commissioners. They will pass their decision to the California Coastal Commission who will look at it to see if it matches the facts.

Hicks said, "It usually takes us three to four weeks to respond to all the comments, analyze the comments, and get it back before our board. So that will probably happen by the end the of October, with the document."

Then the Port will prepare the application for the Port master plan change to the Coastal Commission. Hicks said, "That takes us about a month or two. So we're in January. Once the Coastal Commission deems our application complete, which takes about 30 days, so we've lost all of January."

Around Feb. 1 (90 days out), the Coastal Commission has to have a hearing on either the document or the application. And, according to Hicks, they usually take about 90 days. "So we're in spring of 2002 before the Coastal Commission makes a decision."

Part of the master plan that calls for narrowing Harbor Drive to provide parking, will require approval by the City Council, and Hicks said there are rumors that some support for this within the Council is conditional on the plan's closure of Kettenburg to provide a bay view for development in Point Loma.

America's Cub Harbor is overdue for redevelopment. Many think the public will benefit from a walkway along the shoreline. Residents of Point Loma will have a less restricted view of the Bay. However, many fear the Disney-fication of America's Cup Harbor.

If a change of land use towards hotels and restaurants prevails, both the Port District and the Council will prosper, through the Transient Occupancy Tax and, indirectly, by drawing greater revenue to the newly expanded San Diego Convention Center. But marine-dependent businesses such as full-service boatyards will lose out if they are not adequately relocated by what Port District officials refer to as mitigations.

James Pugh, the new senior director of the Port District's maritime division, told a yacht brokers' luncheon "You've got to get organized and prepare a concerted plan," at Shelter Island's Fiddler's Green restaurant on Aug. 30. He said, if the Port District has seemed deaf to the maritime community, it's because there has not been one coherent voice.

Roberts said it's too late now to start a new organization to defend the recreational boating industry. All we can do is get enough people to add their public comments to the draft EIR to draw the Coastal Commission's attention to the lack of mitigation for marine-dependent uses.

The Port District is required by law to respond to each substantive comment received from the public before the Oct. 9 deadline, and each of them will accompany the Port Master Plan Amendment as it proceeds to the Port Commissioners and onward to the Coastal Commission.

Hicks defined a substantive comment as something that relates to the environmental impacts identified in the document or not identified in the document. "Let's say you write a letter that says, 'I think this America's Cup Harbor plan stinks.' And all we're legally entitled to do is say, 'Thanks. We appreciate your comment.'"

According to Richard Cloward, of San Diego Port Tenants Association, the obligatory replies to more specific letters may seriously delay the progress of the plan through the timeline described by Hicks.

Such letters would need to focus on environmental concerns rather than the economic. Hicks explained that, for these purposes, environmental impact would not include the economic impact to the maritime community. "It matters only in the sense of whether or not a mitigating measure is feasible."

Such a concern might be the planned replacement of a roundabout on Shelter Island by a smaller turning circle which Roberts said his 65-foot semis would find impossible to negotiate.

Of course, the Harbor Drive site has no feasibility as mitigation for the loss of Kettenburg until the Environmental Constraints Analysis reports back toward the end of November.

Roberts said the 3.3-acre site is not big enough to build a decent boatyard on.

"The best of all worlds would be to put a bulkhead across the caps, the PCBs, and cap them forever with a bulkhead, back fill it. And that gives you seven acres to add to the 3.3 acres. Now that's big enough to build a decent boatyard on. But that's not going to happen for ten years."

Hicks said an argument citing decimation of the recreational boating industry in San Diego would only figure in the land-use analysis if there were incompatible uses. < P>As a hypothetical scenario, he said, "We're going to put more restaurants down there instead of boating facilities. And the boaters feel that the restaurants may impact their economics. That would not be really analyzed."

However, the Coastal Commission is required, under the Coastal Act, to protect marine-dependent uses, such as boatyards, against non marine-dependent uses, such as restaurants, unless the relocation of a boatyard meets the need at another site. "That's how this whole Harbor Drive discussion came up," Hicks said.

The full EIR is a massive document in two spiral-bound volumes and can be ordered from Melissa Mailander, (619) 686-6283, at more than $50 each or viewed at one of the following three locations: * The office of the District Clerk, San Diego Unified Port District, 3165 Pacific Hwy. * Pt. Loma Branch Library, 2130 Poinsettia Dr. * San Diego Central Library, 820 E St.

The executive summary is located on the Port's Web site at www.portofsandiego.org/sandiego_environment/index.html.

The final public workshop for the EIR will be 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 at the Embarcadero Planning Center (former Coral Reef Restaurant), 585 Harbor Ln.

Click Here to see who won the trophy for the
Kettenburg PC Class at the 120th Opening Day Celebration at the San Diego Yacht Club.

Many thanks to Tony Mournian, who (by total surprise) took this video.

Yesteryear Regatta May 14, 2005, Click here for the invitation and here for the application


The 2005 McNish Classic is set for Saturday August 6th out of the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard, CA. The press release announcing the race notes that 10 tall ships are expected to be in the harbor and probably participating in the race. The tall ships will definitely be putting on a show on the 7th. For details and entry information connect with John Dunbar.


PLEASE HELP!!! Ocean Village (OV) Foundation has until June 1st of this year to raise $4 million (minimum amount-promissory notes requested) to take over the Purchase Agreement from Darmor Development, Inc. for the Shoreline Plaza Buildings at Liberty Station (see updated www.oceanvillage.us). Darmor Development is committed to keep the proposed OV users as tenants if OV Foundation cannot take over the purchase agreement (however lease rates may be higher under this scenario). Also, there are several back up plans that OV Executive Board members are discussing. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please disseminate the following News Release exactly as written and attend the March 21st meeting (details below). For those interested in being tenants at Ocean Village, please submit a Letter of Intent ASAP to:

P.O. Box 86234
San Diego, CA 92138-6234

OV/Darmor Development requests the proposed tenants to provide a Letter of Intent that describes the amount and type of space needed (lab, light industrial, office, retail, etc.) and each tenant's propose use or program. If possible, we would like an approximation about the number of employees (full or part time, hours of occupancy), number of individuals passing through, hours of operation, etc. to be provided in the letter of intent as well. These letters of intent will be used to obtain financial support, McMillin approval, City Planning approval, and for public information/support. We would like to schedule a full board meeting for Monday March 21, 2005 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at McMillin Capital (please RSVP-directions attached). Food (Saffron Chicken?) will be provided and possibly contributions for such may be necessary. Thanks for your continued support.

It is expected that Darmor Development will sign a purchase agreement within the next couple of weeks with Corky McMillin Companies, Inc. for 29,500 square feet of building space on 3 lots (FEE Property: Buildings #31,34/179, 153, 185, and 358). At this time, Buildings 24, 32, and the USS Recruit (all 66-year Lease Purchase properties) have not been offered to the OV Foundation. The OV Foundation has a signed agreement with Darmor Development that we can "buy into" the purchase agreement under several conditions (the agreement is attached) and if OV can't raise the funds to do that, then the same tenants that OV identified (i.e. UnderSea Camp) will have the opportunity to rent space from Darmor Development. We have been given the go ahead from Darmor Development to "go public" and Bob Spriggs, President of Darmor Development has approved of the attached press release.

OV Foundation's grant application for the California Cultural and Historic Endownment was not selected during the first round of Grant Awards.

Wade Hall, CEO
Deb Dominici, Secretary/CFO
Farrell Reed
Rusty White
Keith Korporaal

Bob Spriggs - Darmor Development Liaison


Press Release
Option Agreement between Ocean Village Foundation and Darmor
Confidentiality Agreement

Calling Sweet Sixteen Owners!

This is one of the first made sweet sixteen . Those were made in Sweden 1958-1966. Is this model the same in the US ?

The swedish boat was made by Marieholms Bruk. I think we have about 100 of them "still alive" Total numbers made approx 700.

Like to come in contact with US owners of Sweet Sixteen

Lars Hedström
This is my Sweet Sixteen.

PC #14 on the East Coast
Aloha! Just wanted to let you know that we are bringing a PCC back to full use on the East Coast. Attached is a link to photos of our delivery from Concordia in Padanaram, Mass. to her new home behind our house in Northern Portsmouth, RI on the Sakonnet River. Breeze was between 25 and 30 knots, we hit 9 knots a few times and cought a ton of bluefish and one albacore tuna enroute. Only used the engine to leave the mooring and tie up to the new one for a six hour sail.

I must compliment Mr. Kettenburg for designing such a seakindly, quick boat. Never a complaint from her form or fittings, just slicing away in the ocean. Please pass this along and you can use this email as a contact.

Photos Here

Great work on your site.
Kara and Christopher Museler

Kettenburg’s Archive of Files to go online!!!

As you know from elsewhere on this site we have an agreement with Mr. Paul Kettenburg and his son Tom giving us permission to scan and post to our site all the files which serve as the archive for the Kettenburg Boat Works. This treasure trove of files (about 4 file cabinets worth) covers all boats, plans, and advertising literature produced after WW2.

These files are priceless. Individual pieces of them are constantly sought after by current Kettenburg owners. Maritime museums have sought to obtain the entire collection. However, Mr. Kettenburg is concerned for their safety. Additionally, Tom Kettenburg, a retired banker with a degree in history, is writing a coffee table book about the family business and its impact upon sailing and boating in San Diego and Southern California. Accordingly, they will be remaining in the possession of the Kettenburg family for the foreseeable future. At the same time however, the Kettenburgs are interested in helping owners seeking information about their particular boat or others seeking information about the history of the firm and literature about Kettenburgs without such access being a burden upon them or the owners seeking such information. Hence, the support from the Kettenburgs for our scanning project.

While we have many volunteers to help with the scanning project the task has seemed daunting due to the heretofore necessity of cataloging each and every scrap of paper before scanning it. Now, however, there is software on the market which has made it possible to convert scanned material into readable and internet searchable/browse-able (is that a word?) digital files. This new software is available from a company in Portland, OR. Their website is www.sankofallc.com.

We have been talking to the developers of this software about the feasibility of its use with our project. It appears to be just what we need to enable the Kettenburg files to be scanned and easily accessed via our website by anyone seeking information.

This software cost money however (about $1000 for our particular application). Because this website is non-commercial and paid for out of the pocket of one owner, funds do not exist so as to simply purchase this software. So, we are taking donations and pledges of same until we’ve reached our goal. You can help yourself by helping this site to purchase and then employ this revolutionary software on our scanning project.

Please connect with us via the e-mail to learn about how to contribute to this project.

Wings on the Water

Click Here to see a sample video of Wings on the Water.
I am shopping for a boat. I realize that the classic Kettenburgs are intended for coastal racing and cruising... I wonder, however, have any ever circumnavigated? Please share any tales of foolhardy heroism that you may have with me... The reason that I ask you this question is because I just discovered a Kettenburg 40 on sale for a mere 5,000 dollars, and am now investigating the situation... Please respond if you have time... Do you think I could make it from New England, through the Panama and down to Fiji on a Kettenburg 40? Please be honest. At this stage, I am an armchair sailor, but I do have plenty of experience with adventure travel, having cycled across Tibet... I plan to buy a boat and get some old salt to show me how to handle her. Okay, take care, and enjoy yourself!

David Antoniuk

Ancient Mariners 29th Annual Regatta, May 10, 2003

For application, course description, and other details please contact Doug Jones at the following:

work: 619-993-9295
home 619-294-2244



C. F. Koehler, president of Koehler Kraft Boat Yard in San Diego, has begun a series of free instructional seminars and social events to be held at the yard on a monthly basis. Koehler's yard is moving toward a San Diego Port approved "overhaul" which will include new docks, utilities, a new building and several other improvements. Seminars are offered by master ship wrights as well as invited guests.

These casual meetings will include "how to" seminars called "Boatyard Basics", "On The Water" events and BBQ's at the yard. The 2003 Spring and Summer schedule includes:

March 9th Boatyard Basics #1
Below the waterline.
An examination of the rebuild of the 63' Ketch built at the Stone Yard in Alameda, Ca in 1948.

April 3rd Boatyard Basics #2
Viewing of the restored Kettenburg PC WINGS for the San Diego Maritime Museum.

May 10th Boatyard Basics #3
Spring Tune Up's

June 8th Boatyard Basics #4
How to Clean Your Boat

June 14th and 15th
The San Diego Wooden Boat Festival

Additional social and sailing events are scheduled well into June. Please call KoehlerKraft at 619-222-9051 for additional information.

January 10, 2003

The San Diego Unified Port District commissioners unanimously approved the conceptual plan for Koehler Kraft Boatyard, on Shelter Island, to move forward with a proposed $2.2 million redevelopment. Koehler Kraft, founded in 1938 and moved to Shelter Island as a boatyard since 1958, plans to almost double the size of their main building, adding additional office and retail space. Included in the renovation will be a new sea wall, docks and slips (24 added). Many of the proposed improvements have already been completed with additional work continuing. These improvements will, no doubt, result in the approval of a continued 30 year lease with the San Diego City Port District. Koehler Kraft is the oldest family owned yard in San Diego specializing in wooden yachts. CF Koehler and his crew are responsible for the restoration of a number of Kettenburg boats, 6 Meters, Alden's, Luders and assorted other designs. Richard S. "Rish" Pavelec, San Diego Yacht Club member and a resident Kettenburg PC enthusiast who is acting as the San Diego Maritime Museum member/volunteer leading the Kettenburg PC WINGS Restoration Project, is quoted in the San Diego Log (Jan. 10-23, 2003)as saying, "C.F.'s commitment to preserving Southern California's maritime history has been instrumental in saving several well-known San Diego boats, but other than WINGS, don't look in a museum for the boats that C.F. has restored. You'll find them out on the water where they belong." Those visiting Southern California and San Diego should make it a point to stop in Koehler Kraft and see the work in progress.

You will remember that owner of PC #35,IRENE, recently donated his boat to the Port Townsend High School sailing group. After a brief stay at Port Townsend, and following an offer to buy the vessel, the school elected to sell the PC and use the funds toward restoration of other project boats. IRENE is now living in San Diego at a well respected boat yard. She is for sale and anyone interested might drop me a line. No... I did not buy the boat and have no monetary interest in her, however I know some of the details and will be happy to pass them along. The acquisition of this boat brings our San Diego Bay fleet up to 29 boats!!!! Not too bad for a 1929 One Design which numbered only about 6 boats in San Diego about 10 years ago!!!

Interested parties should contact Rish Pavelec PC #63 in the registry.

PC #71 (SOUBRETTE, VICI IN 1946, SEA LEUR FROM 1953-1955) was last seen in San Diego. She was sold and moved to Lake Tahoe. There have been rumors that she sank in the lake, but not confirmed. Anyone having information regarding this vessel is asked to contact Rish Pavelec (PC #63 in the registry).

PC Hull #35, IRENE, has been stripped of all hardware and spars and the hull donated to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Society. The Society is most interested in restoring the vessel to her original specs. The craftsmen at the society will construct a new mast and boom. She will be used for the local Port Townsend High School sailing group. Thanks to owner Roy Dunbar for making the donation and thanks to the PTWBS for taking on the task, so that many young sailors can keep the dream alive.

The San Diego PC Fleet Continues To Grow!!

May 7, 2002

Two more Kettenburg PC's made their way back home!! Hulls # 25 (JOY II) and #59 (MOHEE) recently arrived in San Diego and are awaiting new owners and restoration at the Koehler Kraft Boatyard on Shelter Island. This brings the number of our local fleet up to 27 boats!!

Hull # 25 (like many other PC's) has a special history. The vessel was built in 1937 for Mr. Glen Waterhaus, who was a yacht broker in the San Francisco area. He contracted with the Kettenburg yard to introduce the class to the northwest and this boat acted as his showpiece. Somehow she ended up in British Columbia, and eventually on the hard awaiting restoration.

Hull #59 was one of the boats (hulls 56, 57, 58 and 59) built in Vancouver, BC. The forms and keels were shipped to Canada via flatbed rail car and the yachts were completed in at the Vancouver Shipyards. These boats were believed to be strip planked however, the Kettenburgs never saw the finished product thus, even today, Paul and son Tom Kettenburg are not, in fact, sure what the finished boats looked like. #59 is not strip planked. She is in rough shape and awaiting a new owner and TLC. She is in the water but badly in need of care and restoration.

Those interested in owning one of these beautiful PC's and restoring them should contact Rish Pavelec at
Email for details.

  K-38 Hull#15 turns 50!

K-38 #15 "Coquette" will be turning 50 years old on April 11, 2002. Nicholas and Claudine Nayfack, current owners of this boat for last five years, will be hosting an appropriate 50th birthday party and celebration for "Coquette" at the San Diego Yacht Club in her slip (G-32) on Sunday, April 21, 2002, 2:00-4:00 PM. Other owners of Kettenburg boats are invited to join in the celebration of "wooderful" life of this boat during her first 50 years. These owners of "Coquette" plan to race her next year, too during the annual Kettenburg Parade and Race held in June 2002 on San Diego Bay.


The San Diego PC fleet continues to grow! Recently, hull #78, purchased by a local San Diego sailor, is at the old Kettenburg Yard being spruced up. Bud Caldwell (who worked at the original Kettenburg yard as a young man and "cut his teeth" on hull # 36) is working with America's Cup veteran and long time PC champion, Jack Sutphen to get the boat ready to race. The new owner is helping out and anxious to see the MAIGA B (nee ALBATROSS AND BLUE CHIP II) out in the bay with the rest of our boats. This latest acquisition brings our fleet numbers up to 25 vessels! Clearly the largest number of PC's at any one location!!!

Subject: Job Offer Position Filled

There is an immediate opening for a yard foreman at the Koehler Kraft Boat Yard in San Diego, Calif. This facility specializes in the repair and restoration of wooden boats, but also works with fiberglass and motor boats of all kinds.

Applicants should have a minimum of 5 years marine experience. Hands on operation of a 40 ton marine railway and crane are expected. Experience in woodworking, welding, electronics and machine work are assumed. Wooden boat experience is a definite plus. Responsibilities include the daily direction of 3 to 7 employees of varied experience. This is a permanent long term position. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Please fax a resume to CF Koehler at 619-222-4332.

Posted: 02/24/01

CF Koehler, of the Koehler Kraft Boat Yard in San Diego, recently completed restoration and launched PC hull # 40 owned by Doug Holthaus. Doug, a SDYC member and avid yachtsman, waited over 3 long years for the project to be completed, but the wait is now worth it! CELESTE now has all new planks below the waterline, all new ribs and a new interior. The deck was re-glassed prior to new toe rails and cap rails. A beautiful addition to an already smart fleet with 25 boats in line, many of which have undergone restoration at varied levels. Koehler presently has 4 more PC's he is committed to with another "in the wings". At present, hulls number 8, 14, 16, 24, 32, 36, 37, and 70 are being totally restored in San Diego. This brings our fleet up to 25 yachts.

Richard S. "Rish" Pavelec

New Home for PC "Wings" #8
Posted 05/11/00

The San Diego Maritime Museum recently elected to transfer title of PC WINGS #8, to Rish Pavelec of the San Diego Yacht Club. The current SDMM budget made it difficult for the museum to commit to a restoration and to continue paying storage fees for the vessel. Gracious SDMM Board members, at the suggestion of Paul Kettenburg and SDMM Executive Director Mr. Ray Ashley, unanimously approved the transfer. The vessel, built in 1931 for Mr. George Jessop, is in very poor shape and is believed to be the oldest PC surviving. Mr. Paul Hartley Sr., purchased the yacht in 1946 and was known to use WINGS to teach guests and, especially children, as to the pleasures of sailing in San Diego Bay. The extended Hartley family continued the tradition until the mid '80's when the vessel was donated, by the Hartley family, to the SDMM. The yacht has been moved to the Koehler Kraft Boat Yard on Shelter Island and has been added to the list of PC's and (other wooden boats) to be restored. At present, meetings are being scheduled to plan the restoration.

Check back! We'll post pictures soon.

K-38 "Reward" Renewed
Posted: 05/31/00

We have just returned from Ensenada where Reward was renewed at the Baja Naval boat yard. The hull was laid bare, one small plank replaced, deck bolts all sandblasted and epoxied, the hull recieved a coat of epoxy sealer, bottom was re-cualked and the entire hull got a beautiful paint job. We had installed the new "original" gray marine 4 and the engine, when needed, purrs. Now the top sides and a wonderful summer of sailing. Mike & Megan w/crew

PC Hull #66

The San Diego PC Fleet is pleased to report that another one of these great vessels has made it way down South. PC Hull #66 came down this month and is already out sailing with fleet members! I hope the new owners will register her soon.

Rish Pavelec
PC #16, 36 & 63


March 12, 2000

Dear Steve:

The Port has scheduled the hearing on Kettenburg for March 28th at 1:00pm. That is what has been promised by the Commissioners, so we feel it is going to be heard on this date. Here's where we stand today.

Port staff's recommendation will be to eliminate about half of the boatyard and change it's use to commercial/recreational. This would allow them to add a restaurant or similar project onto the site. This plan has been brought forward by two or three Point Loma community leaders and will probably have the support of the Point Loma planning groups. We are opposed to this plan for several reasons, the main one being that they are eliminating necessary boatyard area when they have their own independent study that is telling them to do the opposite. They should be increasing the size of the yard, not eliminating the use of half of it forever.

We will be presenting our own plan as an option that same day. This will be a compromise plan that keeps about 80,000 square feet for boat repair and gives up 20,000 square feet for public access and a promenade. Although we feel quite strongly that the yard should increase in size to meet demand, we are trying to accommodate the desires of the upland community in the spirit of compromise and cooperation.

Any letters of support for maintaining the entire site for boat repair would be really helpful. The Port Commissioners need to see that the majority of the people want to see that yard stay. Right now, they have only heard the other side. They need to hear from the boating community and the rest of the public. They need to understand not only the current and future needs of boaters, but also the history and heritage the Kettenburg facility brings to the harbor.

Any letters should be addressed to:

Chairman Paul Speer and the Board of Port Commisioners
San Diego Unified Port District
P.O. Box 120488
San Diego, CA 92112-0488

Thanks again for your support. Anyone willing to speak at a public hearing should come down of the 28th. I think numbers are important at this stage.


February 10, 2000


The Port has tabled a decision on America's Cup Harbor Master plan until next month. The addendum to the boatyard demand study further solidified our position on the need for boat repair facilities. The question will be at what location. If the Port decides that there is the need to expand our large yacht repair business, that will have to be done somewhere else. Kettenburg would then be somewhat reduced in size and improvements constructed that cater more to mid-size boats and the do-it-yourself boater. The syncolift would be moved and more land would become available for public amenities. If the Port decides that expanding our operations is not possible, then the size and amenities of the yard would stay basically the same. There will be some type of boatyard improvements at Kettenburg regardles of which direction the Port goes. I will let you know when a more definitive date and plans comes forward.



Dear Steve:

Great web site. I just read about it in the SDYC Mainsheet and logged on. There is something happening here in San Diego that I thought you and your readers should know about and might be interested in getting involved with.

The Port of San Diego is in their final stages of a master plan effort for America's Cup Harbor. Included in this plan area is the Kettenburg boatyard, currently being run by my brother, Chuck Driscoll. It is our intent to maintain the Kettenburg name and heritage and build a new yard at the present location. This facility would provide the same level services to the recreational boater that has been provided for the last 80 plus years. There is a very vocal group of two or three Point Loma residents that want to eliminate the boatyard and build a park. They seem to carry some significant political clout. After two years of public workshops and meetings we thought we were in a good position for a compromise that would include a public promenade and still maintain enough area for a boatyard. Now this group has surfaced again, with one Port Commissioner's ear, and has convinced the local Peninsula Planning Board that we don't need this boatyard. They have maintained this position despite the fact that the port has a boatyard demand study that states that not only should the yard be allowed to stay, it should be allowed to expand.

We can use all the help we can get. There will one last public workshop on December 7, 1999 at 4 o'clock at the Holiday Inn Bayside 4875 North Harbor Drive. This will be the last time anyone can speak on this issue in an open workshop forum. The final decision will be made at the Port Commissioners hearing on December 14, 1999 at 1 o'clock at the port building on Pacific Highway. Public testimony will be allowed at this hearing but it will be kept to a minimum. Anyone with strong feelings on this issue should try to attend these meetings and make their beliefs known. Letters to the Executive Director of the Port District are also effective and will be shared with the commissioners prior to them making their final decision.

I can be reached at 619-226-2500 or by Email or Email2. I would be glad to talk to anyone about this important issue we have before us.


Tom Driscoll


Thanks for your response. Here's where we are today. The public workshop was held last week. To our surprise, the majority of the time was spent on discussing the parking problem around America's Cup Harbor. All the comments that were made about Kettenburg were very very positive. The people who oppose the boatyard were there but did not make any comments. I suspect they were waiting for their one shot at the commissioners hearing and not playing their hand early.

Port staff pulled the item off tomorrow's agenda. They want to give the one commissioner enough time to review the boatyard demand study with its author before scheduling this item on the agenda. They are now saying we will be scheduled for the first meeting in January. I will let you know when I hear more.

As I guess you have read I have agreed to a compromise. The Port property is about 100,000 square feet and I have agreed to cut the boatyard land area about in half. The other half would be made up of my support buildings and a 25,000 square foot public landing. The landing is not a bad idea. It will provide people with boats a place to tie up and come ashore to make use of the different services in the area. I am hoping to make a deal with the Kettenburg family on the property they still own upland from the Port property. This would get me back to the 100,000 or more square foot number.

Thanks for forwarding this issue to your registry. The more people are informed, the better chance we have of preserving the Kettenburg name.


Re: requested letter/s to the Port Director regarding importance of Kettenburg Yard. Please send me the name of the Director, and snail mail address, also names of all Directors.

I'd be happy to write a letter of support to not only keep but expand the old Kettenburg yard. I can't imagine how we could get along without the K-yard. I've been using it since I bought my first sailboat back in 1956!! Who else knows how to properly haul, and maintain a K-38, not to mention all the others. Seems top me the Driscoll operated K- yard is one of the few still operating cradles on a marine railway!

The Port must recognize the importance of keeping this historical yard on site!!

Any suggestions for copy in my letter will be appreciated.

Howard Dentz, SWYC, 24 year owner "Shadowfax," K-38 hull No. 9, and before that, Vitesse, K-38 Hull No. 17.


New Kettenburg Boats webpage registrants Jim and Carleen Brown report that after an extensive refit and change in rigging configuration Jim hopes to mark the start of year 2000 (the last year of this millenium?) by setting off on January 1 to circumnavigate the globe. You can check out the specs on their K-40, TIME TRAVELER, by clicking on the K-40 listings in the REGISTRY section of the page.


Scott Wild reports that he has a habit of "crusing" through stacks of old boating magazines at estate and garage sales looking for articles and advertisements for Kettenburg. His latest foray has netted a handful of ads he will soon be posting to the RECORD section of the page. We will all be checking in on that section to see what he has found.