The Resurection of BANANAS
July 2001

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Another view of the delignification problem. The darker patches are what remained of the varnish used to finish the inside of the hull.

The lighter colored rib in the middle of the picture is a newly laminated rib. Just aft of it is what remained of a rib. This one, like many others, simply crumbled in our hands when squeezed.

Looking into the bilge from inside the head. Notice the remnant of the rib along the bulkhead. Butt blocks in this region of BANANAS were also rotten.

Another view of what lay beneath the sole of the head.

A view of the floors and planks beneath the V-berth looking forward. Note the lighter shade of the planks clostest to the keelson. This reflects the delignification we've mentioned before.

DOUG DOUGHTY is a boatwright approximately 30 years experience (he's coy about his age!!). BANANAS is Doug's fifth Kettenburg 38 to have been so intimately involved. His planning and sequencing of the work on this renovation are crucial as the object was to retain the shape of the boat while at the same time removing all the structural members responsible for such. This overall scheme had to be accomplished as the context for his excellent fabrication skills. Doug is a self-admitted fatality of the afflicition of being chronically overly optimistic where wooden boats are concerned.

The trash associated with a couple of removed ribs and sisters. If the camera we were using wern't one of those throw away kind, we'd show you the backside of the sister leaning against the plastic box so that you could see for yourself that IT HAD NO SCREWS HOLDING IT TO THE PLANKS!!!!

Another photo of what one of the ribs looked like as it came apart in our hands.

We are committed to getting some good pictures of the screws put into the boat in a 1986 refastening. In the meantime this is one of a couple of pictures we took to try to convey what had become of them due to electrolysis. The ribs lifted right off the screws not only because the ribs were dust from the electrolysis, but also because the screws had become but a shadow of their previous selves.

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