The Resurection of BANANAS
July 2001

Page 3

The two screws in the middle are new. Note that the other three exemplify what we removed. The remains were about the diameter of the lead in a #2 pencil!!

Another attempt to photograph a screw. Scandalous!

OK!! So we've rippped out the interior. Removing a floor and pair of ribs at a time is the approach. Here you see one of Doug's apprentices, Steve, applying epoxy to a one/eighths inch thick strip of white oak in anticipation of handing it to Doug.

While Steve is readying the next laminate strip Doug is applying epoxy to the previous strip.

All the strips had been pre-cut to size and sequenced. The strip is fitted into the notch in the keelson and aligned with the previous strip.

The freshly epoxied strip is laid onto the previous strip in anticipation of stapling.

Doug carefully staples the strip down. He follows a pattern in the stabling to provide for substantial fastening to both the plank and each strip.

Another photo of Doug stapling the oak laminate strip. We used both Resorcinol glue and epoxy as our bonding material. We will watch with interest how the two hold up side by side.

Here you see both old and new ribs in place with a blank space awaiting the next two ribs. As the newly laminated ribs went in Doug began removing floors without fear of the hull losing shape.
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