The Resurection of BANANAS
November 2002

Page 8

From previous photos it is obvious that the interior was gutted to accomplish the work described. When contemplating the re-installation of the interior, I decided to "improve" upon the original technology. For example, the berth frames, structure, and ceilings were all fastened with wire nails. So, I decided to use silicon/bronze screws for better and longer lived attachment as well as ease of removal if ever necessary. Here you see the beginnings of the salon berth frames. Please note that the bulkheads have been re-installed.

Again, in pursuit of improving the technology I decided to forego the plywood ceilings as backrests for the berths. Instead, Keith has fabricated 2.5 inch strips of mahogany and screwed them to the ribs. Here you see the starbord berth with the strips installed and the new plywood awaiting the openings to be cut for access beneath the berth.

In this picutre is further evidence of bulkheads installed, new sole plywood cut and installed, and a glimpse of the port salon berth having received the same treatment as the starboard berth.

The previous owner had modified the hanging closet so that it became a sail locker. I am leaving it as such, but again modifying the ceilings with the screwed on mahogany strips rather than wire nailed plywood ceilings.

This photo shows the head having been completed in the mahogany strips as well. Keith fashioned the sole of the head in two pieces of plywood, and attached the narrow mahogany strips from an open grate to one of the sole pieces.

Panoramic shot shows the berths, mahogany ceilings, and sole pieces. The sole will be covered in cork as in original K-38 fashion, the berth seats will be painted white, the mahogany strips will be varnished. We will be varnishing the interior of the hull from the top of the mahogany strips to the shear plank. leaving the hull exposed behind the ceilings above and underneath the berth so as to allow the moisture that accumulates in the planks below the waterline some place to breathe.

Here is a picture looking aft showing that the bulkheads in the galley, the engine compartment bulkhead, the step, and the icebox top have all be re-installed.

Freelance boatwright, Keith Smith (310) 519-0245, can be justifiably proud of his work. I know that I sure am happy with it.

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