The Resurection of BANANAS
July 2001

Page 4

The laminated ribs stopped about 5 or 6 planks shy of the shear. The joints were glued and sistered.

This photo shows old ribs still in place, new ribs in place, and oaks laminate strips resting in their keelson notch.

Along side the blue hose you can see the plugs which had to be inserted to fill the holes of the now removed old screws. These plugs were cut off and the surfaces finished before the first laminate strip was put down.

A picture looking aft. Notice the chisel holding the freshly laminated ribs strips in the keelson notch awaiting the next strip.

Old sisters and ribs removed with newly laminated ribs in place awaiting their new floors.

The new floors were cut from white oak using the removed floor as a rough pattern and then fitted. We soaked them in today's equivalent of cuprinol before beginning to fasten them to the ribs and keelson.

This photo looking aft from the mast step shows the floors set in place.

Here we have Doug laminating an oak strip in the V-berth.

We measure the number of screws and plugs by the pound rather than by the actual count. Our other apprentice, Howard, is shown here drilling plugs from scraps of mahogany.

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